Jacuzzi Spa

Treat yourself to a relaxing and just enjoy the benefits and pleasures of Spa Jacuzzi .
Access to space veranda you is exclusively .

Espace Spa Jacuzzi, bar, cabin.

Spa Jacuzzi is suitable for 5 persons, 3 seats and 2 seats elongated more “comfortable”.

Cleaning Spa Jacuzzi and the filter is always performed before each arrival. The water treatment is systematically renewed before each arrival. The system includes 3 power water jets and mood lighting in the water. The recommended duration of the bath is between 15 minutes and a maximum of ½ h.

The water temperature can be adjusted at will (registered between 36 and 39 ° C).

Couple, with friends or with children is always a good time and reviving.
Jacuzzi spa you can relax by the action of water and heat on tight muscles.


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